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Is It Writer’s Block? Could It Be A Writing Detox?


No writer is immune to those awfully silent days -those times when the words simply won’t flow.  The dreaded writer’s block .  We know it, we feel it, we succumb to it.

So many,  so much have been written about it.  And here I am wrestling with this issue inspite of the numerous books, articles and blogs that have been written to address this form of writer’s flu.

The Soul Speaks About Writer’s Block

I asked my soul why it is silent again – so very determinedly silent.  Here are the answers I got:

You need to sit down and feel where the block is.  What is it’s nature, where is it lodged in your body?  Is it a need that has not been met, a condition or requirement you have set that has not materialized, or is it a comment or thought that you have of yourself? Is it a pain that you are carrying? Whatever it is, it has not been allowed to express itself – it has been there, lingering for sometime, asking to be expressed.  But since you have not paid attention to it, it has become hard and now it blocks aspects of your life.  When you can’t write, the block is not just in your writing life.  You are not aware of it, but other areas of your life are blocked as well.

I Ask More Questions from My Soul

How, dear soul, do I find out what it is.  The blocked area seems to be my brain, but I do feel a heaviness in my chest.

Define your terms.

What terms need to be defined?  I think it must be the words “write,” “writing,” and “writer’s block.”

And so I define my terms without consulting Webster or Merriam.  ‘Write’ means to put down words on paper. ..I’m getting something already… ‘writing,’ is the act of putting words down on paper…and oh my, I just realized this now…’writer’s block’ does not exist – there is no such animal nor monster.

When I write ‘today’ on a piece of paper,  I am writing.  I can write ‘water’  beside ‘today’  and I’m still writing…’water today no hey there come see this and now I know’…hey, that didn’t make sense, but I was writing!

So when we feel blocked, it is not really just about writing, because in actuality, we can write words anytime, all the time.

It seems to me now that we see a block when there is none.  We say we have writer’s block when we can’t write the way we want to.  We create the blocks in our mind because there is a resistance to write in the same way, in the same manner.

The Soul Agrees

 Yes, yes.  When you think you can’t write, discern your purpose  –  why do you want to write? Is writing a need or a must? 

If  it is a need, then it is something inherent and natural.  If it is a must then, then it connotes a sense of it being  mandatory. Writing, to me, is a need.  It is never a must.

Try to sense connections

A few days ago I admitted to myself that I am so blocked regarding one project.  It is a relatively big one, a digital guide for the place where I live, and I am doing it for a foreign publishing  company.  I am way past the deadline and the work is just less than half-finished.  I feel heavy when I think of working on this project and the more I reflected on it, the more I focused on the heaviness, I slowly began to see  the connection this has with other aspects of my life.

And what a surprise.  It just came rushing out, this energy connected with emotional pains that coincided with the time that I was awarded the project.

Somehow, my brain connected my emotional pain to the writing project.  It wasn’t writer’s block.  I know that the emotional baggage needs to be resolved but now that I know what until recently was an unconscious connection, I can now consciously detach the pain from the writing project.  There never was a writer’s block.  It was an emotional block that was unconsciously  connected to a writing project.

There’s Something Else

Ok, so the heaviness is gone… because of my therapy work I know how to transform heavy energies and resolve issues on an energy level.  But I’m still not inspired to write,  I told my soul.

Consider boredom…. new approaches.  Consider learning.  It may be time to learn new ways to write, explore new ways to approach subjects.

Ah, yes. This is a small aspect of the “block.” My guide sounds and looks just like any other guide in the internet.  It’s not special, there is nothing in it that will make it stand out from the rest.  I suppose my mind has been on a writing detox.  It has been ridding itself of old, worn-out ways of writing. It needed to stop working because it was just working from the same old mode of writing.  This old mode needed to be purged.  Once purged, I can explore new ways to approach my writing project.

Sigh. Breathe. Smile. It was good to redefine my terms and find connections where I thought none existed.

And yes,  it is good, this writing detox.


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed that! I truly appreciate the questions and the digging deep to move through a block and it seems this can translate to any area of life! The learning is the lesson. Thanks again, Wendy UBC


  2. Dr. Samantha Joseph says

    Rosanna, wonderful blog! Nothing has a meaning until we give it one, just like you said. In the spiritual healing work that I do I approach it in a very similar manner. I go to what the heart or soul is trying to learn from what’s going on in our world. This is where the false beliefs we hold are blocking us – mentally, physically, emotionally. Keep up the great work in clearing your own way within your soul. Great explanation of the process.


    • Thanks, Dr. Joseph. I do try to clear the emotional blocks that hinder my soul, and writing helps me do that. It is soul work for me. I’m glad you liked the article.


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