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My Favorite Apps


Today is the WordCount 2013 Blogathon Theme Day and all participants will be blogging about their favorite apps.  I am  a non-techie, but I must admit that there are applications that have really been helpful – and wonderful.

Picasa remains my all-time favorite, for all the wonderful things it allows users to do with their photographs – and best of all, you can download it for free!

picasaI use Pocket to store all my “to-do” files, and to store all the data I want to file, I use Evernote.   One Note comes in handy for all the files that I need for the writing projects I am working on.

On my phone, I love having Project Noah – an application that keeps us informed about weather conditions and typhoons – a big help, especially now that we are entering the rainy season. Through this application, we are kept abreast with the latest information about rainfall, storms and typhoons.

That’s just about it – the five favorite applications of a non-techie.


 Photo by By mantasmagorical


  1. booksyalove says

    Keeping track of to-the-minute weather conditions is vital for those of us who live where wild, crazy weather is commonplace (like Texas)!

    I need to look at Pocket to see how it differs from Dropbox which I use to keep files of all types as I move from one computer to another.


    • Yes, the weather apps are really very helpful. I’m not familiar with Dropbox but Pocket is nice for the to-do lists


  2. It thought I left a comment but it disappeared. 🙂 I use LiveBinder but I’m going to check out pocket. I’m interested in why you use both EverNote and OneNote–what is the difference in the two? I’m sure they both do things I’m not aware of. 🙂 Noah looks like a lot of fun!


  3. OneNote is more versatile – it’s what I use for my book draft. I guess also it is a matter of breaking it down so it’s simpler. I use EverNote for filing pages pertaining to blogposts and other online activities. I use OneNote exclusively for stuff pertaining to my book draft and articles I am working on. Noah is so helpful especially during the typhoon season. 🙂


  4. It’s just for the sake of organization, Karla. Everything pertaining to books – OneNote. For blogs and online activities – Evernote.


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