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2013 Blogathon no. 11: Learning to Draw #blog2013 #illustrations

Today is guest post day for the WordCount Blogathon. Here is a post reblogged from “ghostnapped” by Ashley Howland.


When I began this writing adventure I never thought I’d need to learn how to draw. Then of course my first manuscript – Ghostnapped came back and the question was asked: Are there any illustrations?
Okay so Ghostnapped is a novel and while it didn’t really need illustrations I thought that would be cool. I asked for a quote. Well needless to say I’m learning to draw. Now to all you wonderful illustrators out there I mean no disrespect. Of course you should be paid to illustrate books. It’s just this writing thing is a hobby and I can not afford to actually pay someone to illustrate.
My second book was easier. Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist is about my boy Obi. I naturally have a million photos of the old boy. The only trouble here was choosing the right ones.
S/W Ver: 96.66.76A
Then of course…

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