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Listen to Your Favorite Authors


A recent and precious find in You Tube is a series of video-taped interviews with several authors. For someone living in Asia – in the Philippines – it is such a welcome and lovely opportunity to be able to hear well-known writers talk about the craft of writing (for free!).

Writer’s Symposium by the Sea is an annual event sponsored by Point Loma Nazarene University. This yearly symposium “brings interviews with cutting edge creators, life stories, examples of great writing, and evocative conversation that will inspire the reader and writer alike.”

Among the writers interviewed for the series are Ann Lamott, Ray Bradbury, Mary Karr, Chris Willman, Christopher Hedges, Philipp Yancey, Gay Talese, Barbara Bradley, Gary Hart, Geroge Plimpton, …and many others. It’s a long list!  I was so happy to see Peter Matthiessen’s name on the list – he has been a favorite since I read his book, “The Snow Leopard.”

It’s a great find, and now I’m planning to watch at least one video a week – and maybe blog about it here! Thanks to Michelle Rafter for coming up with the idea of embedding a video in our blogs for a theme day of the Word Count 2013 Blogathon.  I had to search for a video to use in my blogpost for the theme day and when I searched for a video on Ray Bradbury, I found several.  He had been featured a few times in the Writer’s Symposium by the Sea.

Here’s to lots of learning about writing from great writers!

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