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Of Synchronicity, Altars, Rituals and Writers


Carl Gustav Jung  coined the term synchronicity  to refer to two or more events that do not seem to be causally related but occur within the same time frame; events that do not seem to have occurred by chance, but when experienced together, create a deep impact on the one experiencing the events. Jung said that synchronistic events are more likely to occur when a person is in a highly charged state of emotional and mental awareness. He used the phrases “acausal connecting principle”, “meaningful coincidence” and “acausal parallelism” to describe synchronicity.

As an energy therapist, I am always on the look out for synchronicities.  It was thus no surprise when, after posting my last entry,” A Writer’s Altar,” I opened my email and found the 56th issue of WOW (Women on Writing), waiting to be read.

In my previous blog entry, I wrote about being at a crossroads in my life as a writer, of the persistent “call” to create a writer’s altar, and the desire to find the writing path that would fulfill my new-found purpose in writing. After writing the blog post, I set about the task of creating my writer’s altar, but the activity led me to ask myself, “If I create a writer’s altar, shouldn’t I also create a ritual?

It seems like eons ago when I worked as a feature writer and the memories have faded into the far recesses of my being.  I know I was able to carve out a name for myself in the five or so years that I worked as a journalist, but I also remember that it was a very itinerant life – chasing stories and meeting deadlines while being constantly on the look-out for possible story materials. At that time, I didn’t have a concept of home because I lived in a suitcase; and I doubt so much if I had the wisdom to create a portable altar – much less a writing ritual.

Talk about synchronicities, because lo and behold, the newsletter featured some posts which were pertinent to my current dilemma as a writer trying to make a comeback after a 10-year sabbatical. Among the articles in WOW’s current issue, these resonated with my concerns:

A Writer in Wonderland

At the moment, I feel like a small writer in wonderland, learning about how writers think, live, work, play and everything else in between.  When I was a journalist, I rushed into the work head on, without much preparation.  I never had writing lessons before taking on the task of being a feature writer – I studied Political Science in college and went to school because it was the “normal” thing to do.  But life has its way of pointing us to the right direction and so I found my way to a writing career through a series of synchronistic events.

There is so much to learn, so many books, articles, blog posts to read as I journey into the writing world – this time purposefully and deliberately.  Still, synchronicities spring up with their delightful surprises.  I love learning how other writers live, write, love and play – it is one big learning adventure that feeds the soul and delights the heart.

Writer’s Rituals

I set aside the task of writing about the creation of a writer’s altar for  a while, and share with you some blog posts on writers and their rituals.  I have not read the blog posts myself because I worked on my altar, but now that I am done, I will explore these blog posts and I hope you’ll have the time to read them:


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