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Five Great E-Courses with Bendy Pricing


I first learned about Satya and Kaspalita last year when I read about their mindful writing practice of “Writing Small Stones.”  That was about two years ago, and the couple’s blog, “Writing Our Way Home,” was a very busy site, and Satya’s name was still Fiona Robyn.  Much has changed in the Buddhist couple’s blog – they now concentrate on giving online courses, and after being ordained as a Buddhist priest, Fiona changed her name to Satya.

Now, Satya and Kaspalita are generously offering their E-courses with a “pay as you like” option.  Last year, I enrolled in Kaspa’s  Eastern Therapeutic Writing course, which cost US$70.  It was well worth the money: I was introduced to a few Japanese theories such as Naikan, Waka  and Morita journaling  (I was already familiar with the koan); there were plenty of reading resources and each day an email arrived with the day’s work.  The discussion forum was not very active though, but I think it was because the structure of their E-courses require individual work and much introspection.  This year I will join one of Satya’s online classes.  I hope you will consider enrolling in one of their offerings.

Writing Ourselves Alive : Starts July 5

Wake up and experience life in full colour.

Spiritual teachers talk a lot about ‘waking up’. But what does it really mean?

I know when I’m not ‘awake’. I drift through my days without stopping to think about what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. I flit from one task to another like a restless butterfly. I rush my meals without really tasting them. I interact hurriedly with loved ones.

If you recognise those feelings of disconnection, I’d like to offer you an alternative way of being in the world. A way of pausing to notice the beauty of the red berries, and the sadness behind your friend’s smile. read more

Writing and Spiritual Practice: October 4-November 1

Write your way towards praise, clear-seeing, perseverance & faith and explore the relationship between Writing and Spiritual Practice.

“I was looking for a nudge in the right direction when I signed for this course and I’ve had a great big shove, including a decision I’ve been trying to make for a long time. Thank you for being in the right place at the right time for me.” ~Christine Stibbards, course participant

Spirit. What does it mean to you? The spirit of nature? Humankind? A more ‘ineffable’ form of spirituality? read more

Eastern Therapeutic Writing: Begins July 5

Would you like to learn how to get jobs done and face challenges? Do you have a niggling question that won’t go away? Want to improve your relationships? Do you love Japanese poetry and writing?

Give yourself Eastern Therapeutic Writing and you’ll discover the arts of Naikan, Morita journaling, Waka and koan practice.

This course will give you an experience of four different styles of therapeutic writing/journaling, each drawn from eastern spiritual and therapeutic traditions. read more

Writing Towards Healing: September 9-October 6

Learn radical kindness. Give yourself the gift of Writing Towards Healing.

“Our illness is often our healing.” ~Mooji

Sometimes, life is stressful. There are a million different things to do. We might have been feeling below par for no apparent reason, or we might have been sent challenge after challenge without respite.

This course will help you to press ‘pause’. It will provide you with support, inspiration and structure. You will clear a space, and the healing process will begin.  read more

Journaling Our Way Home: Starts September 9

Pick up your notebook and write your way home…

Writing regularly in a journal can be a comfort, a source of inspiration, a way of waking up and a place to face challenges and untangle tangles.

This course will offer you four different journaling techniques and food for thought as you travel through your days, culminating in an opportunity to work on a question you’ve been struggling with (or one that arises during the course).

Whether you’re a journaling pro or a complete beginner, join us as we journal our way home. read more

Finding Your Way Home: October 4 to November 1

Learn how to slow down and fall in love with life through mindful writing: Find Your Way Home.

This Writing Our Way Home e-course is a good place to begin, especially if your life is busy and the days and weeks are whooshing by.

When we pay closer attention, we notice our daughter’s smile as she reads quietly to herself. We discover the brilliant blue flowers hiding under the hedge. We find a nagging sensation in our stomachs, and realise that we miss spending time walking on the hills. We TASTE life.

Paying attention will help you to reconnect with your dreams and needs, and to understand and love the world around you. read more



Red berries by harold.lloyd and carnation close-up’ by la01

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