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Sunday’ Blessings…in a Word Cloud


“Ideas don’t respond to the force of our wills – damn them. We can’t make them appear. That’s why when we’re feeling blocked it does little good to pound our way through. It won’t work. We’ll grow even more frustrated and further away from where we need to be to find ideas…Getting ideas requires allowing our minds to yield. The ideas are there, but we have to wait for them quietly. Poet William Stafford compared the creative process to fishing…Maintaining this mindset is not easy. We live in a results-oriented society. We learn to be productive, to have something to show for our efforts. We want proof we are making progress, getting better.  As writers, we ant finished pieces and each piece should be better than the one before it. If we’re going to the trouble of rising at the crack of dawn, we’d better get something out of it.

“To be more creative, you need to resist these impulses. Some days will be effortless. Some days will be impossible, just as some days the fish bite and other days they don’t. Your job is to show up, to write and enjoy, not to evaluate.”

— Jack Heffron, The Writer’s Idea Book

How time flies! Today is the 30th – and last – day of  the WordCount 2013 Blogathon. Big thanks to Michelle Rafter for organizing the blogathon.  I’m glad I subscribed to her blog, WORDCOUNT freelancing in the digital age, which is full of useful information for bloggers and writers like me, who are overwhelmed by our digital world. 

Today is a Word Cloud Day for all blogathon participants. Before I joined this blogathon, I didn’t know what a word cloud was. Now I know what it means and how to create it.  The picture on top of this page is a word cloud.  It’s a graphic illustration of all the words for Sunday’s Blessings, quoted from Jack Heffron.

It’s easy to create a word cloud!  If you want to make one for your blog, Michelle shows you how. Just click here and enjoy!

Blinkie courtesy of Shabby Blogs

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