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yeah write’s 31 dbbb


This July, I intended to join yeah write’s 31 dbbb (days to better blogging), which is based upon Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.  But as fate would have it, life kicked in and got in the way of writing (again).  Anyway, there’s such a thing as catching up, which is what I’m trying to do with this blog post.

Installing a stats tracker

Our first task was to install a stats tracker on our blog.  Why? yeah write’s editors explain: “It’s a good way to know how your readers are responding to each improvement to your blog along the way. Are they staying to read? Are they jumping ship in the first 30 seconds? What search engine terms are they using to find you?”  They recommend Google Analytics and Clicky. I chose Clicky simply because it was easier to install.

Write or Re-write an elevator pitch

On the second day, we were asked to write or re-write our blog’s elevator pitch, or tagline.  Since I hadn’t done that yet, I’ll do it now.  My blog’s tagline or elevator pitch is:

Lessons, notes and tips on Creative Non-Fiction, Journaling and Feature Writing

Deb Quinn, who wrote the introduction to the lesson for day 2 says, “Writing a compelling elevator pitch is like making small talk at a cocktail party: is your audience captivated by your story or is it eyeing the fire escape, hoping for a quick death?”

So, the question is, is my elevator pitch compelling enough? Maybe, I’m not really sure yet, but on closer examination, I see that my tagline or elevator pitch is redundant – journaling and feature writing both fall under the genre of creative non-fiction.  And it is quite limiting.  I want to write about the craft of writing and how it enriches our lives, so I chose a new elevator pitch:

Using Creative Non-fiction to Explore Life

Update, December 2013: The further I explore blogging, I realize that I become clearer on what direction to pursue as far as this blog is concerned. Growth precipitates change, and this blog’s purpose has changed. Instead of blogging about writing and its role in our lives, I’ve decided to focus on exploring the genre of creative non-fiction, as well as the writing life. I have thus changed my tagline or elevator pitch:

Exploring creative non-fiction and the writing life

Update, January 24, 2015: After updating my “About” page, the old tagline didn’t seem to fit in anymore. I changed it so that it would be in tandem with the updated “About” page. The new tagline is:

Exploring, creating and celebrating the writing life

How to improve your blog

The other tasks for the past few days of yeah write’s 31 dbbb included

  • creating a list post,
  • promoting a blog post,
  • emailing a blog reader
  • and making our blogs mobile-friendly.

I will try to do those tasks in the coming days.  Although you may not be participating in this blogging challenge, you may want to try to do the work with us and see how it will improve your blogging experience.

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