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For Bloggers and Writers

Blog hopping is one activity that we should try now and then.  Discovering new blogs is like discovering new places – you experience new vistas, meet interesting people and learn something new.

Here are some blogs posts that I discovered and read over the past weeks. I hope you’ll have the time to explore these sites:

A New Writing Challenge: 31 Days of Letters   Micaela D’eigh writes about a unique writing challenge

Stealing Creative Inspiration from Austin Kleon  Marial Shea writes about some very creative ideas from Austin Kleon

6 Ways to Defend Your Blog Copyright WordCount’s Michelle Rafter tells bloggers how they can stop online plagiarism

Top 5 Reasons to Keep a Journal Victoria Musgrave has been journaling daily since she was 12.  She shares her views on why we should all keep a journal 

The Bright Side Of A 30 Day Challenge Vilma Sceusa gives advice on how to survive a 30-day blogging challenge

Anatomy of a Writers Workshop Ever wondered what it’s like to attend a writer’s workshop? Annette Gendler gives us a peek at life in a writer’s workshop.


Writing link posts

This post is part of  yeah write’s 31dbbb writing challenge: day nine—write a link post.

Problogger’s Darren Rowse, who wrote 31 Days to Build a Better Blog,  says link posts are important because they “give something of value to your readers—while your readers come to your blog to read what you have to say, I find that they’re always appreciative of links to quality content.”

Link posts, says Rowse, help  “build your credibility—regularly highlighting what others are writing in your niche shows your readers that you’re abreast of developments in your field and that you’re connected to the network.”

Featuring links to the posts of other bloggers, says Rowse, gives us the opportunity to “build relationships with other bloggers—there’s nothing like sending another blogger traffic to make an impression and build connections. Not only that, when you link to others in a constructive way that actually builds upon their ideas and adds value to a conversation they’ve started, it can often lead to ongoing interactions.”

Lastly, Rowse says link posts help with SEO—”some SEOs argue that linking out to related content in your niche with relevant keywords as anchor text can impact upon how search engines see your site.”


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  1. This is a really great link post. I’ve never heard of any of these sites, yet they are all very valuable sources of info and I will definitely be visiting them all! I hope to get my list post done tomorrow!


  2. Thanks for the shout-out! You’ve encouraged me to get back to my blog. i made it through half the WordCount Blogathon, then had to turn my attentions to writing for work. All the best to you.


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