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I Just Wrote a Sneeze Page

It’s day 11 of yeah write’s 31 dbbb challenge, and today’s task is to create a sneeze page. According to Kerstin Auer, who wrote the introduction to today’s lesson, “A sneeze page is an actual page on your blog, reserved for your very best posts, posts on a certain topic or even monthly features.” Kersten  adds that, “As with everything else (at least as far as your blog is concerned), the possibilities are endless. The purpose, however, is the common thread: to show off the best of your blogging, hopefully attract new readers and turn them into loyal ones.”

Having a sneeze page on your blog is thus having a list of the best blog posts you’ve written (hopefully the list will be long). It spares your readers from going through your archives while giving your blog an extra boost – readers would most likely want to see what your best posts are.

I gave my sneeze page the title “Pages that Rock,” and it appears on the blog menu.  Hopefully, you’ll click on the page and read through what I consider to be my best posts first before creating one for your own blog.  Kersten says that having a sneeze page is “the ultimate in customer service: your readers get 10 posts for the effort of one click!”  I don’t have 10 post on my sneeze page yet – I plan to add pages as I blog.

What title will you give your sneeze page?




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  1. Thanks for the mention, Rosanna!
    I clicked on your name in the yeah write comment, but that took me to a different blog. Erica sent me the link to this one and it’s a great start!
    (I’m still fine-tuning mine)


  2. I haven’t decided if I want to create a “best of” sneeze page yet. I did add a widget that pops up my five most popular posts down in the footer of my blog. I’m not sure how to track the effectiveness of this technique . . . Let us know if you notice an uptick in views.
    For now, I want to focus on improving an already existing page on my blog per the Day 15 task.


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