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Hope helps us build emotional muscles.

When life presents us with pain, hope presents itself as an alternative to despair, depression and giving up.

Hope helps us find the threads of faith within our soul. It shows us that we have the capacity to believe in something or someone greater than pain.

Hope opens the door so that we can allow faith to come into our lives and view the circumstances of pain and tragedy from a different perspective.

Hope is always there. But it is not always easy to hope.

It takes a long time to understand hope.


Photo courtesy of Morguefile


    • HI Brandee,

      so sorry for this very late response to your blog award nomination. I just recently figured out that gmail sections the incoming mail into three, and I had been opening and reading only the primary section and have missed reading your email which is bundled under the “social” section. I also have not blogged for the past 3 months, following the death of a very dear family member. Anyway, I hope to get back to blogging soon and will do all the requirements for the award. Thanks so much for your nomination!

      best regards



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