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Join the Two-Page a Day Writing Challenge

Spiritual Writers Network is sponsoring a two-page a day writing challenge, which begins on September 1 and ends December 31.  That’s a total of 122 days and if you write an average manuscript page consisting of 200-250 words, you would have a complete manuscript by the end of the year!

I’ve joined this challenge mainly because I realized just recently that my writing persona has changed through the years, and from being a feature writer, I want to focus on spiritual writing.  Join us!


  • On September 1st we will all start the Two-Page-a-Day challenge together.  Be sure to join this event NOW so you will be reminded to start writing on September 1st. (Late-comers will be welcome to join at any time but they will have to spend some extra time writing to catch up.)
  • Be sure to dedicate a time for writing each day.  It’s only two pages. You can make time…no excuses! Get up an hour earlier if you need to. You must make a commitment to yourself and stick to it.
  • Some days your schedule will be busier than others. That means you simply need to make up for lost pages on days when you have more time to write.  For example, if you just don’t have the time to write at all on Monday, you know you have to write four pages on Tuesday to catch up.
  • Every few days I will post writing tips and doses of inspiration on the event page to keep you motivated. I highly recommend you share your progress, challenges, and your own tips with the group.  Let’s all connect and support one another!


At the end of the year I will announce a publishing opportunity for all who finish the challenge by December 31st. You must finish a minimum of 200 pages to be eligible for the publishing opportunity.

The publishing opportunity is a reward for those who complete the challenge but by no means are you obligated to accept it.  So even if you have your own publishing plans for your future manuscript… join us anyway!


This is a great opportunity to join a group of writers who are working together on a common goal, holding each other responsible for the commitment, and taking time to connect and support one another.

Will you take the Two-Page-a-Day challenge with us?

Leading up to the challenge I will be posting brainstorming ideas, organization and time management tips, and motivational posts to get you ready for success.   If you are ready to commit be sure to join this event NOW.

Let’s see how many success stories we can create! Set a goal to be published in 2014!

To get started, go to our Facebook page and click on the events tab under the cover photo.  Click on the event titled Two-Page-a-Day Writing Challenge.  Be sure to click “Join” right away to start getting event posts in your news feed!



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