Month: October 2013

Here We Go Again!

For the entire month of November, I will be writing on the pages of life daily (again) after (again) another long hiatus, which was the result of a spiritual awakening. Awakenings are a wonderful thing, but sometimes they can be so powerful that life just has to stop at some areas so that it can be experienced fully and the messages and lessons can be learned well. Blogging is a wonderful activity…so join us at Yeah Write, where writers who blog and bloggers who write will be participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Lifelines for Writers

When we write, we lay bare what lies within.  When we write, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability is a scary thing, which is probably why so much of writing is preceded (and oftentimes accompanied) by fear. This is the paradox that many writers struggle with – what nourishes the soul grips the heart.  It is probably one of the reasons why many famous writers were and are alcoholics.  The rest of us (I raise my hand) who are neither famous nor alcoholics frequently fall by the wayside and allow days, weeks and months to pass by without writing.  Never a year though – we cannot survive that long without writing. But one day, we read something, we feel something within, or someone says something that hits us to the core and makes us think, face our fears and finally inspires us to decide whether we will embrace writing as a calling or indulge in it as a hobby. “I didn’t know you write so well – it would truly be sinful if you …

We are part of the organic whole

“Once we not only recognize but experience ourselves as inseparable parts of the organic whole, it’s no longer possible to make excuses for our indulgent and destructive lifestyles, to accept the dispiriting domestication or complete extinction of other life forms.  When we feel the earth as an integral and continuous part of ourselves, we no longer protect the dying rainforests as a botanical source for medicines or as a “scenic resource,” as something other than us. We know them deeply and completely.  They are our lungs – to save them is to save ourselves.  And as they are the lungs of the planet, we are the conscience.” – Jesse Wolf Hardin/Lone Wolf Circles