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Invocation for Writers


Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo, and thousands of bloggers will begin blogging daily till the end of November.  It is a challenge to blog daily, and life sometimes takes over during the challenge, presenting us with various distractions. It is easier to give up than continue.  I know – I’ve joined and dropped out of at least three blogging challenges this year.  But I did manage to finish two, and hopefully, I will be able to even the score by finishing NaBloPoMo.

To inspire us, hopeful NaBloPoMo bloggers, here is an invocation from the book “Before You Quit Writing, Read this!”

An Invocation to You, Writer on the Brink

by Jeanine Nicole Cerundolo

Dear Writer,
Before you quit writing,
Instead, remember why it is your birthright,
Remember why you started, one day,
once upon a time.
Remember what compelled you to express
the words that are your song.

Dearest writer–
Put away your staff of fire.
Destruction has its place.
But today, you are birthing
something grand and generous.

Let the currents of thought
pour through you, the vessel.
It is not hard work, it is not effort.
If you struggle, back away.
If you are forcing it,
take time to hibernate instead.
Listening is part of writing.
Living your life is part of writing.
Noticing, without touching pen
to a single page is writing.

November 1st is also Mindful Writing Day at Writing Our Way Home, where bloggers will join Satya and Kaspa in slowing down so that they can  “fall in love with the world through mindful writing.” The couple is giving away copies of  “A Blackbird Sings,” their latest anthology of small stones,  which includes essays by Kaspa and Satya.

In the Philippines, where I live, we are commemorating the memories of our dear departed ones during All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day (November 1 &2).

Happy Blogging!


NaBloPoMo November 2013

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