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The gift of time


Time is endless, it lasts forever.

Why do we oftentimes run out of time? We squander time when we are not present where we are.

Mindfulness is an art that we all can learn.  Mindfulness allows us to enjoy the freedom of time.

When we are mindful, we experience time. Once we choose to experience time, it lovingly stretches to embrace us.  It unfolds and expands and we find that we have all the time we need, we just don’t know it.

Time is not expendable. It is not limited. If you can dance with time, it can be stretched to infinity.

Time is always here, it will never disappear, so there is no need to grab it.

Time is of the essence, we are told. Time is essence, I now know.

Time heals, time allows us to unfold our wings.

Time is our friend.

When we choose to be mindful,  time indulges us, and time waits for us.



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