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Turn Your Words Into Works of Art


The image above was created in a matter of seconds – yes, that quickly!  In this post I’ll share with you three online resources that you can use to create pictures with quotations.  There are so many memorable quotations and you can easily find them in the web.  I’d like to remind you though, that your very own words can be powerful quotations.  Go over articles, blog posts and stories that you have written, and I’m sure you’ll find noteworthy phrases and sentences.  We often forget that we too, have written powerful words.

Three Free (so) Easy to Use Online Tools for Turning Words into Masterpieces



Even if you’re a non-techie like me, you’ll love this tool.  The only problem with this tool is that it doesn’t have any facility for credits. If you want to attribute the quotation to a writer, the name will be in the same size as the rest of the quotation, and it’s hard to differentiate the name from the rest of the text.   Look at the two images below:



There are buttons that allow you to post to Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Stumbleupon.  To save to your computer, right click on the image you created and save.

Every image you create with Recitethis will have its logo at the bottom.  But we don’t mind that, do we — after all, we can use it for free!


Youll-love-Quozio-You (1)

Nice and easy to use – that’s Quozio. You can’t go wrong with this online too.  You can post your creation to Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, or send the image. Right click to save to your computer.

Please-proofread-before (3)



Provides simple colored backgrounds and a few type fonts . The beauty of this online tool is that you can transform text with up to 500 characters into digital posters.  The size of your images can be anywhere from 25 and 1500 pixels.


There you have it!  I hope you’ll try any or all of these free and easy to use online tools to add pizzazz to your blogs.


  1. omahgosh I love you for this post. I am always telling people they can create their own things….tools are everywhere! GREAT post.


  2. How fun. I am doing “book arts” and microsoft word just…was not what I wantedfor the words in my book. This is perfect.


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