• Luis Edwin Reyes says

      More or less, Philippines has been experiencing 90 calamities a year associated with brown outs. Few years ago, I introduced a solar powered portable lab that performs like a hospital diagnostic lab. Butuan city government bought one unit of the portable lab in 2009. This portable lab is designed to service victims of floods and typhoons with brown outs who have no immediate access to hospitals. This machine may not prevent but definitely lessens death rates due to wrong diagnosis, detects early stages of illnesses and other epidemics. I even introduced this medical lab to the Office of the President but nothing happened. Re-housing solution in the Philippines particularly Tacloban, there is a new technology that can build 5,000 houses with sizes 38.8 sq.meters, 42.4 sq. meters and 51.6 sq.meters within the period of six months. The construction company uses lightweight rebars, lightweight concretes and hollow blocks definitely no lumber. Roofing is also made of concrete. They can build commercial and industrial buildings like schools, tenement homes in 12 dayswithout GI sheets but concretes. The cost of this new technology is very economical due to: 1) designed for immediate occupancy 2) saves time and manpower 3) designed to bit floods and typhoons 4) it looks very presentable and proven durable 5)a lot of savings for the government


  1. Luis Edwin Reyes says

    I forgot to mention that this modern housing technology has a material fabrication facility that the company will set up in the construction site to speed up the process and avoid delay. Zero lumber construction process in the long run could help conserve/preserve our natural resources and speed up reforestation process by itself.


  2. Luis Edwin Reyes says

    This modern housing construction technology will definitely educate or local engineering contractors and they will be self sufficient in the future.

    For particulars: contact me at:818 742 8764


  3. Luis Edwin Reyes says

    Due to severe damage caused by typhoon “yolanda”, Epidemics caused by dirty water, dehydration, bacterial infection, etc.are proven and highly expected to happen in the next few weeks, I can help solicit at least $5 million worth of donation in terms of pharmaceutical products which are commonly used during disaster-calamity rehabilitation programs.


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