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Do You Scoop.It!?

I discovered Scoop.It! when I was so busy with work I had no time to blog. It was a fascinating discovery – within minutes I became the curator of a magazine-like webpage which I was then able to publish and share.   I tweeted,  “Too busy to blog, so I Scooped.It!”

This free platform allows you to gather stories pertaining to the topic you want to focus on.  Scoop.It! provides you with dozens of suggestions within minutes of typing the topic you want to curate. If you find a blog or web page that you like, you simply press the “Scoop.It!” button and the post is included in your page. The article or blog post is linked directly to the original blog site or webpage.

Scoop.It! is akin to Pinterest – instead of boards though, you have curated topics.  There are three plans: free, expert and business. The free plan allows you to curate up to five topics.

Since I blog more often now, I use Scoop.It! to help me gather ideas for my blog posts. It’s a wonderful tool for this purpose – in just a short time I am able to gather news about the latest  developments pertaining to creative writing. Many of the information about free courses on writing that I have featured on this blog were gathered through Scoop.It!

You will find detailed instructions on how to use this curating platform at  The Edublogger  and makeuseof.

Here is a snapshot of one of my Scoop.It! pages:


What are you waiting for? Go ahead, Scoop.It!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the link to Scoop.It! Now I’ve got the program on my computer. It’s a great way to curate information.


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