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Poetry Tryout

Although I never studied poetry, I love to write poems. Here is a poem written a few months ago, using one of the techniques suggested by Peter Levitt in his book “Fingerpainting on the Moon, Writing and Creativity as a Path to Freedom.

Pen and Me

Pen in my hand,
Cold and warm in places
I write with this –
It is an extension of my Self.
For that brief moment
That the words flow
From the innermost places
Of my being.

Pen in hand –
A friend.
And, just like me,
An instrument.

The process of writing this poem was almost magical – the words simply flowed from within. The words of the poem were drawn out through a process that Levitt calls, “soft focus.

Levitt explains, “I call the techniques that help you listen at the root of things while freeing your senses and imagination soft focus. These techniques know how to slip beneath your ego’s defenses and make it possible for you to approach the exact name of the thing itself…”

Soft focus encourages the actual observation of the subject you want to write about and then getting to “know” the object or subject with your innermost being through the use of your senses. It’s a fascinating process that does not involve thinking. I think of it as an opportunity to allow the soul to speak, because it does seem like someone from within wrote the poem.
pen in my hand

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