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Another Free Teleseminar From Mark Matousek

mark matousekOn Thursday, March 20, 2014 5:30pm US Pacific / 8:30pm US Eastern time, the Shift Network will present Mark Matousek in another free teleseminar, “How to Use Writing to Heal, Embracing the Blessing in the Wound.”

Mark Matousek is a bestselling author. He is also a teacher par-excellence, and I know this because I had attended his course on “Writing as a Spiritual Practice.”

Mark Matousek’s seminars focus on the use of writing and self inquiry as a way to achieve personal and creative awakening.

The Shift Network says, “In this free teleseminar event, you’ll get to learn the secrets to writing that can heal your life from a man who has not only turned his own childhood and adult traumas into profound blessings through his writing, but who has taught thousands of others to do the same.”

I hope you’ll find time to join this free teleseminar. You can register here.

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