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The Transformative Power of Journaling

I woke up this morning with an uneasy feeling, one that had been building up through the days. I sat and wrote on my journal. It has been my habit to journal in the morning, before I leave my room for breakfast. But on days when I have to leave early for work, I take the journal with me and write where I can, when I can.

Although I had been journaling for several decades now, it never ceases to amaze me how this writing tool can transform the heaviness within into a feeling of lightness; how, when the feelings that had been hidden, can become beacons of light that give direction to my day when they are brought out into the light and expressed in writing .

I have written much about this amazing and transformative writing tool in several blog posts. In this post, I would like to feature some quotes on journaling from the book, “Writing and Being,” by Lynn G. Nelson. It is one of the best books on journaling that I’ve read – certainly a must read for those who are just beginning to journal and anyone in need of encouragement in journal writing.

“Writing is a healing and creative journey back to the mystery and power of our words as an instrument of creation that came latent within us at birth. It is a path with a heart. The people who wrote the comments above are on that journey…”

“If you were to spend a half-hour a day with your journal, even if you never wrote a word, just being alone in the silence would be healthy. But do open your journal, there in the silence that will gradually become sacred for you, and begin to talk to yourself. Speak to yourself as openly and honestly as you can. Speak from your feelings, from your heart. That is the way all friendships begin.”

“In a journal, you may record some events, but you will also push on to explore your inner relationship to those things. In a journal, you are not writing about the outward events of your life so much as about what you feel and see arising within you. That is where the power is; that is where the choices are; that is where the freedom lies. So, in your journal, ask yourself questions, explore how you feel, and look at what is going on inside of you.”

“Talk to yourself in your journal. Get to know yourself. Go slowly. Go gently. Make your journaling a special time.
Write to make the great escape, to save yourself.”

“Each time you open your journal, you begin again. You are born again.”

“Personal writing in our journals is the heart of all our writing. There, our words become tools for our psychological, intellectual, and spiritual growth. There, too, our individual insights, feelings, memories, and stories become the source of all meaningful and effective public writing—gifts from our hearts to share with others.”




  1. Very wise words. I love to write out how I’m feeling, it definitely helps me cope with difficult emotions. There’s something about putting it all down on paper that definitely leaves you feeling much better!


    • How true, writing on our journals help us explore the pain or confusion we feel during difficult times. Journaling is like a sounding board…very therapeutic indeed.


  2. Me too. Love this – thank you for sharing. I recently wrote about the feeling that blogging is a kind of rehearsal for life. I know a journal can be more private but I have found that


  3. Oops sorry – I have found that writing publicly about things that are personal to me helps me to think more carefully about what I really mean and how I really feel. It is very liberating.


    • This is something I am just learning now, Jinny. Writing publicly about how I really feel. Thanks for your input. It is encouraging to know that writing publicly about personal feelings is liberating.


  4. greenlakeblue says

    I too find Journaling a very healing tool and one that I practice whenever I can or have the disposition to do it.
    You have a very beautiful way of writing.


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