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Why Write a Book?

It’s still on my mind. Should I write a book? I honestly cannot consider letting go of a once in a lifetime opportunity- in this case, experiencing a most powerful, profound vehicle for transformation.

I have tried once to write a manuscript by joining a two-pages-a day writing challenge. I was doing quite well until the dam broke and I had to face the fact that I was using writing as a distraction to keep me from feeling the pain of losing a loved one. I had to give in to the grieving process, and I was not able to continue with the challenge.

This month, the Spiritual Writers Network launched it’s book writing challenge again, but the goal this year is to write a page a day and finish a manuscript by the end of 2014. I was hoping to join this event but a heavy workload got in the way.

Mark Matousek’s words,“Writing a book may be the most important commitment that you will ever make in your life,”  keep haunting me, and I am still convincing myself that it’s doable.

I surfed the net tonight, trying to find more reasons to motivate myself and I found this one: You can.  In Seth’s Blog, Seth Godin debates on the merits of writing a book vs blogging and concludes that  it is better to write a book because, “Books change lives every day.

But the most inspiring bit of information came not from the web, but from Kindle. Darrell Pitt in Secrets of Successful Writers wrote of a woman who published her first book at the age of ninety. How’s that for inspiration?  Not only that, Dolores Durando’s first novel, Beyond the Bougainvillea, was on Amazon’s top 100 Free downloads (but it’s no longer free. Secrets of Successful Writers is still free – grab a copy!).

The Anglo-Irish songwriter, novelist, and a painter, Samuel Lover said,  “Once the itch of literature comes over a man (or woman, itals mine), nothing can scratch it but a pen.” It seems that the itch of literature has come over me, but now I can relax and rest in the knowledge that there is no rush.

Best selling author Seth Godin provides further comfort. He wrote, “Lower your expectations. The happiest authors are the ones that don’t expect much.”




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  1. kyleschen says

    Glad you enjoyed the EliteDaily article! You better do this thing…

    Also, a huge trick for me: you don’t NEED inspiration, write shit until gold comes out. (Then edit out the shit… don’t be precious about word counts.)

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  2. Great post! Writing a book can be such an amazing, transforming experience, as you say. It’s a damn lot if work though, but entirely worth it (so I assume, as I have not yet finished a book).


  3. Spirit Sorbet says

    Sometimes saving a block of time for the writing can keep you away from distractions properly – so a week some time into the future where all you do is write (forget the showers, phone, TV and bills … ok maybe don’t skip showers). Sometimes I think it is when a particular reason to write takes over. Thanks for the link to the free download !!


    • Oh Renata, what a great idea – I’ll forget the bills! Seriously, you’re right, the right reason will take over….when it’s time.

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