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A Comment for a Blog Post

One of the wonderful things that have come out of this blog is the online friends I have “met.”  These are people who regularly comment on my blog posts. One of these regular commenter is Cecil Barr, who is also a regular blogger. Cecil wrote a very lengthy and highly informative comment to my last blog post, “The Book that I am Already Writing.” His lengthy comment was packed with information which I want to share with all of you.  Here is Cecil’s comment:


Hi Rosanna, with your background I’m sure you’ll write a great book if you keep at it. As Woody Allen once remarked: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

I don’t, however, go along with Seth Godin’s assertion that books are more important than blogs (not that I think books are less important than blogs). The contention doesn’t seem to be supported by facts. Zen Habits, for instance, is daily required reading for hundreds of thousands of people.

And Chinese blogger Han Han gets around a million visits every time he posts:

“Han Han is China’s rebel writer who has become the unofficial voice for his generation.

“As a teenager the 27-year-old began writing novels about angst-ridden characters that proved tremendously popular with China’s angsty youth.

“But it is his blog that has propelled him to celebrity status in China and earned him the accolade as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2009.” (CNN)

But when it comes to sheer volume of visits, Matt Drudge with close to 30 million hits every day takes the cake. Drudge is considered a genius at expressing his own opinion in headlines he composes and then links to original media stories. The high and the mighty quake in their boots when Drudge goes on the rampage. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner recently felt it necessary to publicly explain himself (grovel) to Drudge over a headline castigating the Republican party over something or other it did or said. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, resigned to the fact that Drudge seems implacably opposed to everything she says and does, attacked him instead. The thing of it is that nobody, nobody ignores Matt Drudge.

By the way, it is estimated that Matt Drudge has made around $90 million from his blog: Drudge Report.

So I wouldn’t sell blogging short. Your own blog, Rosanna, is I’m sure an inspiration to many.

The most important common denominator in all literature is writing.


The following lines written by blogger and award-winning journalist and author Charlene Smith, a fellow South African who like myself now lives in the USA, explains beautifully what it means to be a writer:

“The pen is mightier than the sword it cuts to the bone of arguments; it allows thoughts to bleed across continents and skewers hypocrites. The pen is a ladle that stirs human emotions, but it is also is a spoon that dishes bile.

“The pen can create a bridge, a place of meeting for those who believed they could never agree. But the pen can harm, it can wound, it can be a tool of propaganda, and the closest confidante of the liar. Too rarely do we use these swords as plowshares.

“Pens litter my home, they’re in the desk, next to my bed, in my purse, in my car, they leak into pockets they have been forgotten in; the ink in the beautiful ones dry but I cannot bear to part with them, nor do I have the time to get replacement ink, they cluster in a drawer and stare accusingly at me every time I open it.

“Writing is how I make sense of the world, it is how I wrestle with issues, argue with politicians, joust with business, soothe those harmed, try to persuade the stubborn, and in some small way try to make a difference. It is, of course, a significant arrogance to presume that anyone would ever care about what I have to say, but all writing presumes an audience.”

As a matter of interest, Charlene Smith is an authorized biographer of the late Nelson Mandela and author of “MANDELA: IN CELEBRATION OF A GREAT LIFE.”

Her curriculum vitae is about as impressive as it gets.



Thanks for the great comment, Cecil!



  1. Wow! Those comments from your readers really are worthy of restating. You seem to have many intelligent readers. Clearly, your blog posts have inspired many to write thought provoking comments.


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