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It’s been raining here in my part of the world – the kind of “rainy” that makes one want to cuddle up in bed and sleep all day. Nothing dramatic, just very cloudy days with intermittent rain and showers. Life somehow takes on a different hue when it’s raining – things just seem to be quieter, the days are cooler and the plants are so much greener.

This week I’d like to share some web finds with all of you. A few free but great finds which I hope you will all enjoy.

A really great find is Jill Jepson’s website where she offers to send weekly strategies for writers. I’ve been receiving her emails for sometime now and highly recommend you try it out. If you want to receive her weekly strategies for writers, please fill up this form.

I’ve written several posts with reference to Mark Matousek. Aside from being a bestselling author, Mark is a very generous person. I attended one of his online courses and he continues to ask us, his ex-students to keep in touch with him. This man really shares – he has set up the Seekers Forum, where he gives a free teleconference once a month. Members interact  with Mark during the monthly teleconference and there is also a continuous online discussion with the members. This is what the forum is all about:

The Seekers Forum is an interactive discussion group designed to ignite personal wisdom, develop intimacy, and create lasting change in your life.  This free monthly series focuses on topics linked to creativity, personal growth, writing, spiritual practice, and ethical well-being. The Seekers Forum is a gathering place for people to share ideas, offer support, challenge and inspire one another in a connected global community.

Please register and join this growing community of seekers and writers. Transcripts of the teleconferences are sent to the members so you can catch up if you missed the teleconference. Everything is free, so click on this link and join!

The last web find is Concord Free Press, which is conducting an “experiment in generosity.” Concord’s tagline is,”Free their books and their minds will follow.”  What is this experiment all about? Concord explains:  “We publish great books and give them away. All we ask is that you make a voluntary donation of any amount to a charity or someone in need. Tell us about it. Then pass your book along so others can give.” To find out how you can request for a free book and participate in this innovative concept, visit their website.

This is short and sweet, as the rains make me feel oh, so lazy. Happy writing, all!








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