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Go Ahead, Blog! It’s Good for You!

I know blogging is good for me. It gives me lots of opportunities to write. Writing happens to be one of the biggest loves of my life, which is why blogging has become a very important part of my life.

Now I’m thinking that it could be one of the reasons why I remain healthy. I look forward to blogging. I feel good many hours after I blog. It’s good medicine for the doldrums, a perfect way to ward off depression, and a great way to share.

Scientists have long ago determined that when we write to express our thoughts and feelings, we do many good things to our body.  Writing has been known to improve memory and sleep. It boosts the immune system and aids in healing in people who have had surgery, or are suffering from AIDS or cancer. According to the American Scientist, since 2008, scientists have been studying the neurological effects of blogging. Some hospitals are even hosting blogs authored by patients on their websites. Nancy Morgan, who is the lead author of the Oncologist study explains why blogging helps patients:  “Individuals are connecting to one another and witnessing each other’s expressions—the basis for forming a community.”

Indeed, there are lots of good reasons why we should keep on blogging.

Here’s to good health and a deep gassho to our blogs!


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  1. It’s my desire to express myself more freely. I tend to hold back and then I consider things such as grammar and punctuation that I am not great on.. I read yesterday about a poet named Annie Johnson Flint. I was immensely inspired by her life…


    • Just keep on blogging. I used to hold back (a lot) too, but with practice, it became easier to blog. I’ve visited your blog, it’s great, colorful, fun! Keep it up!


    • In your case, blogging is good not just for you but for your readers as well! Your posts are filled with humor – always makes me smile…and feel good….


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