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Where to Get Photos for Your Blog Posts

Here’s an update on sites that provide domain-free images which you can use on your blog posts and other projects. There are many other sites, but these are the ones that are absolutely free and user friendly: Registration is not necessary and no payments are required; easy and hassle-free downloading. However, even if they’re free to use, it would be nice of you to attribute!

Here they are:



IMG_1763 By Qedem1611

Although the name sounds gruesome, morgueFile is so easy to use and provides thousands of domain-free photos. Just click on the homepage and you’ll easily find the search box. Type the kind of photo you need and voila! You have instant access to lots of pictures.


Photo Pin


photo credit: deb*711 via photopin cc

What I love about Photo Pin is that you can get an instant preview of the images. Remember, though, that when there is no preview for an image, that photo requires a fee. Only those that you can preview are domain free. Download is easy and there is an HTML box for attribution on the download page. After downloading, you can just copy and paste the attribution code on your blog post. Note the attribution below the photo above- I just copied and pasted the HTML code. So easy.


Flickr: The Creative Commons- Free Pictures Pool


By: robin robokow

You’ll find lots of gorgeous pictures on this site. The caveat  is that you can’t use the search box to look for images – you’ll have to scroll through them. There is a search box but if you use it, you’ll be taken to sites that are not domain-free. Download is easy.




By davide ragusa

And then there’s Unsplash, which adds 10 beautiful images to its site every single day. Like Flickr, you’ll have to scroll through the page to find the photo you like.  There’s a line on the site’s page that says you can do anything you want with the high-resolution photos. Now ain’ t that grand?


New Old Stock


This tumblr site provides “vintage photos from the public archives,” that are “free of known copyright restrictions.” Again, you’ll have to scroll down the page to find the right picture. Click on the link under the photo you like and you’ll be led to a Flickr page where all the pertinent data about the photo is displayed.  Attribution is not necessary – the photographers’ names are not displayed.

There you  have it, five great sites that provide hundreds of beautiful pictures. All to make your blogging experience easy and turn your blog posts into a visual feast!

Keep on blogging!




Featured image by Marilyn Peddle


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