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Birthing a Book

As we approach the end of the Christmas Season and in the spirit of Noel, a word that is rooted in the Latin natalis, which means  “birth,” I felt that this is the proper time to reflect on what I had tried to begin or give birth to this year in my writing life. 

This year I embarked on the process of a “birthing” a book. I knew that there were many things I needed to do to be able to write a book, and that it was a process that I did not want to rush. 

I wanted to accomplish something, and so I began by (1) identifying the reason why I wanted to undertake this journey.

When I knew that I wanted to write a book for adults (I had written two books for children) because I want to experience the process of writing a book for grown ups, I was then able to (2) set a timetable for myself. There was and is no rush, and the project would be done even as I continued with my work, so the timetable I came up with is summed up in one word: flexible.

This may not be the usual flow when one decides to write a book, but this is the process that came up in my writing life. The next step (3) involved disciplining myself to write daily, which I tried to do through the process of early morning writing. It was great at first, and I wrote daily for several months and ideas for the book I was working on as well as other book projects began to flow effortlessly.

Then the process slowed down, came to a halt, picked up, and stopped again. I had a flexible time frame and since I was writing for myself only, this did not bother me, but I did ask myself what went wrong.

It could be a combination of several things, among them:

  •  fear of embarking on a project that seemed larger than life
  • procrastination rearing its ugly head
  • the feeling that there are so many good books being published and that my effort will be an utter waste of time ( upon writing this, I think this is what weighs me down the most)
  • laziness

How to deal with these not so pleasant bedfellows? The only solution I can come up with right now is to try and try again – and I am good at this. I don’t give up easily, but I also don’t fight tooth and nail. I just keep trying and trying and somehow, sometime, the nasty habits give way. No fighting, just allowing the process to work and learning and having fun as I go along. 

So as this year comes to an end and as another one begins, I will begin again to do early morning writing as I continue to try writing a book.

Here’s hoping you too will continue the birthing process in your writing life.




 photo credit: niznoz via photopin cc


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey. Ive been trying to create a book, too, for several years now and have had my own stops and starts with many of the same fears and hesitations you’ve noted. I feel a bit more crunched for time than you, but I also feel that the journey is valuable with much to learn along the way.


  2. It’s always nice to know one is not alone. Thanks for this comment, Andrea, and for sharing your own experiences. Yes, indeed, I totally agree, “the journey is valuable, with much to learn along the way.” Food for thought as we write on!


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