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A New Word for the New Year

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A Soultender's Journal

Asking for a word that would provide the direction for one’s life has been a tradition since the time mystics fled to the deserts and mountains to seek enlightenment. These mystics, known as the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers, were visited by many people who sought their guidance.

The practice of asking for a word is closely related to Lectio Divina, an ancient way of praying practiced by Christians. Lectio Divina involves pondering upon a word or phrase from Scripture with the aim of attaining union with God.

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  1. This is a lovely and very interesting way to look at the advent of New Year…yes, as in many situations in life, it has so happened that one word has changed our life and has always had the potential to make a huge difference. It is only how we take it and live with it…loot at the word attitude or for that matter gratitude we don’t realize but how it turns a wonderful leaf into our life if we understand the truing meaning of these words..

    Yes, peregrination is lovely word to change our thinking…and look forward to the new word…

    Rosanna, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year…let the year come with lots of pleasant surprises for you…


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