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Why Blog?

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This seems out of order – after making a pact with myself that I will blog for 365 days in 2015, I am now asking my self this question: “Why blog?”  I know it should be the other way around – first determine my purpose before committing. Perhaps if I took the time to sit down and make an editorial list, or a schedule of blog posts, I would have seen this slight anomaly.

I don’t, however, make a blog post plan. I like the challenge of staring at the blank page of the WordPress Editor, and for some reason I choose to use the classic mode – the one that provides an “improved posting experience” still feels alien to me.

The question arose this morning after reading Barbara Mahany’s “About” page. A lovely blog by a retired feature writer, Mahany writes why she decided to blog, “as i have grown older, wiser, inhaling more deeply the rhythms of the natural world, the rhythms of my own heart and soul, i have discovered that perhaps my highest calling is to weave everyday grace and beauty into this world. for me, maybe for you, that begins on the homefront–in the way i shape the space in which i dwell, in the way i feed those i love, in the way i tend my gardens and, certainly, my relationships, my relationships with those i love most dearly and with those i merely pass by in the course of a day.”

What a wonderful purpose for a blog. My “About” page reads, “This blog is a chronicle of my journey into the amazing world of creative non-fiction writing. Through this site, I hope to share stories and lessons learned as I navigate my way through this dynamic genre.” It’s time now, one year and nine months after the birth of this blog to rethink this blog’s purpose.  Yesterday I wrote that if it were not for the readers of this blog, I would have stopped blogging a long time ago. Now that was a surprise and it gives me reason to pause and reflect on why I blog.

Why do you blog?


  1. That IS a gorgeous about page. Whenever I tried to write something “deeper” about why I blog I’m deeply unhappy with the result. The core of why I blog is to give me a reason to write. Like you, I often sit and stare at the blank screen the day I post (I try to post once a week, sometimes twice if time/opportunity allow). Anyway, I blog to write and have people read my writing. I’m not sure I would continue if there weren’t any readers! And I SO enjoy connecting with people from places I may never visit and learn about their worlds and lives.


    • Thanks for sharing with us how why you blog. I personally love your blog – love the way you connect to your readers, and the way you write. And I’m glad I’m not the only blank screen starer in the blogoshpere.

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  2. Interesting question! I am still thinking about that myself, I suppose its about having a regular voice, attracting like minded souls and venting some creative frustration.


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