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Of Blogs and Blogging

And so I began to write about things I thought I would never tell
another soul as long as I lived. May-Lee Chai

2014 was a happy and pivotal year for me. I think the reason why I feel the need to edit my “About” page is because I have changed so much last year, and so my motivations and aspirations about most things in my life have also changed.

I think that our blogs become testaments to our growth and chronicles of our journey. When I read the posts I wrote last year, I see how I’ve changed. It used to be hard to open up about my own feelings – I was a very private person. When I worked briefly as a journalist, I used to write about other people and their lives and feelings. I never wrote about how I felt. I was always lost in the background.

Blogging challenged this “privacy.” It helped me open up and write about my thoughts and feelings – which used to be confined to the pages of my journal. When I was a journalist, the reader was always important. I think that blogging helped me balance the scale – now, both the reader and the blogger are important.







  1. Aha! Good for you! Feelings are what give your posts life and breath. I have thoroughly enjoyed your “educational” posts, too, especially those about writing. I look forward to reading your new “about” page, selfishly, for inspiration, because I’ve been thinking mine are inadequate and need perking up.

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