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Why We Blog

I love to write

A couple of days ago I ended my blog post with the question, “Why Blog?”

Susanne, who blogs at Life in a Flash answered, “I blog to write and have people read my writing. I’m not sure I would continue if there weren’t any readers! And I SO enjoy connecting with people from places I may never visit and learn about their worlds and lives.”

A blonde reader and blogger (Blondewritemore) wrote, “Interesting question! I am still thinking about that myself, I suppose its about having a regular voice, attracting like minded souls and venting some creative frustration.”

I can answer this question now! I blog because: I love to write and when people read what I write, I am encouraged to write some more; there is that need to share with others what I have learned but I cannot do this on a deep level if I cannot open up and write about my feelings. Blogging is the perfect way to achieve all these while I keep a day job which I need to pay the bills.


Once your writing is grounded in its source—your heart and your journal work—once you begin to find the beauty of your own voice and the power of your own stories, you may feel a natural urge to share your writing with others.

-Lynn G. Nelson in Writing and Being 



  1. Yes, I agree, that the more people read your writing the more you are encouraged to write. It’s a self-fulfilling circle. Wonderful quote at the end. Where do you find all these gems you share with us?


  2. I am a sucker for quotes. I highlight profusely – most of what I post here are from books I am reading or have read. I like what you said about the self-fulfilling circle. Happy to be in this kind of circle!


  3. I was just thinking about my blogging earlier and why i do it. I like being read, i love writing, i enjoy sharing but mostly i think if someone can get something valuable from my hardships and experiences, well, that nakes it worthwhile.

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