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Writing Tips


“You’re not going to be a writer someday.
You’re a writer today. Discipline yourself to write
and take time to enjoy writing. Do it a lot.
Have fun with it. Begin now.”   -Jack Heffron

For today’s post, I’m featuring some wonderful tips from Jack Heffron, a freelance writer and editor. In The Writer’s Idea Book, Heffron says, “Like many things, writing becomes a habit. If you do it, just keep doing it.”

How to make writing a habit? He offers the following suggestions:

  • Show up, go to your desk or open your computer on a regular basis.
  • Try using Thomas McGuane’s approach for one week. Every day, McGuane goes to his study at a certain time and stays there for a certain length of time to write. If the words don’t come he tells himself, “I don’t have to write, but I can’t do anything else.”
  • Be kind to yourself if you’re not able to follow your schedule. Acknowledge the difficulty and keep trying
  • “Though it may sound stupid, cultivate gratitude even for the obstacles that stand in the way of your writing,” says Heffron.  According to Heffron, psychological studies reveal that the obstacles we face in making writing a habit actually help us become more creative.

And… try to blog everyday in 2015! 



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