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Lessons from Rock Balancing


I’ve always had an affinity for stones and rocks. So, late last year when I heard about rock balancing, it was a no brainer – I simply had to learn how to do it! I took some small stones and a few rocks from the garden and brought them into my bedroom and in the evenings, I tried to learn how to balance stones and rocks.


There’s a science to it, actually. You just have to “help” the rock find its center of gravity by “assisting it.” You let the rock fall and then slightly turn it away from the side where it falls. The rock falls and falls and falls, and each time it does, you turn it slightly, until finally the rock stops falling – it has found its center of gravity!


I’ve spent many nights balancing rocks and stones. There’s a feeling of exhilaration each time the rocks find their center of gravity.

I’ve done the same thing with my writing – I’ve set goals over and over. I’ve fallen time and time again. I’ve tried to write through many nights, and sometimes well into the wee hours of the morning, trying to find my “center.”

This attempt to blog 365 days this year is another attempt at finding my “center.” I may fall again, I will try again…

If rocks can find their center of gravity, writers too, can find their “center.”

We just have to keep writing and writing.



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