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On Writing


A quote from Ralph Keyes: “Anxiety is not only an inevitable part of the writing process but a necessary part. If you’re not scared, you’re not writing.”

Advice from Barbara Abercombie: “We’re so good with the negative voices: You idiot, what kind of an idea is that? Who do you think you are to be writing a book? Why are you sitting there in your bedroom slippers writing about your boring life? Who cares? When that voice starts chirping in your head and chipping away at your confidence, here’s what you do: Listen to another voice, the sweet, calm voice that’s saying, Just do the work. Tell your story; it’s important. Have faith. If you’re sitting at Starbucks or at the library, it’s probably best not to say this out loud, but if you’re home alone — say it loud. And often.”

According to Eric Maisel, this will improve your writing life:  We make many kinds of spaces for ourselves: noisy spaces, busy spaces, unsettled spaces, and sometimes calm self-reflective spaces. Make a calm self-reflective space for yourself by growing quiet. Then consider what your writing life needs—and how you’ll meet those needs.

To Do:

  1. Grow quiet.
  2. Reflect.
  3. Stay calm.
  4. Take action.

A snippet from journal: “Writing allows me to develop my eyes so that they may learn how to hear; my ears so that they may be able to see; my nose so that I can use it to taste; my tongue so that it may feel, and my hands so that they may learn how to smell.”


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  1. Our own negativity should be our motivation. It does help though to have people behind you telling you that you have skill and a dream you can achieve.
    Harnessing those negativities makes all the difference, and makes us better for it.


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