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Writing Fiction

There was a time when I used to write short stories. And then I stopped and concentrated on non-fiction writing. I’m reading Courage & Craft, Writing Your Life into Story by Barbara Abercrombie and what she says about fiction writing is intriguing.

The whole point of writing fiction is to free yourself, to tell yourself a story that you didn’t know until you began to write. Or if you did know, how it unfolds becomes a surprise. The point is to to put on costumes and play “let’s pretend.” 




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Feature Writer from the Philippines


  1. I would say what she says is quite true. We write fiction to change reality, either for the better or to see things how they could be/could have been.
    Fiction is an outlet for people of all ages to relive life, but then makes it easy to sit down and write nonfiction.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! What you wrote, “We write fiction to change reality, either for the better or to see things how they could be/could have been,”.makes me want to try fiction writing again.

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      • Aw thank you ^_^
        I like to see it as a collaboration between fiction and nonfiction. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, fiction or nonfiction. I’d be writing nonfiction and a wildly fictional idea will pop into my head and I am compelled to write at least a paragraph to get it out of my head.
        It can be a little confusing idea wise if you aren’t organized, but it can be very liberating. ^_^


        • Good point, and you’re right, a little organization will come a long way. I hope that it happens to me too…someday, maybe, that a fictional idea would come as I write nonfiction. That would be awesome!

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  2. hadhopeamy says

    I’m doing that at the minute too! I used to be all about creative writing and didn’t have any enthusiasm for anything else whereas now I find it harder to be creative. To be fair, I have started working full time and so maybe I just don’t have as much time to be creative like I used to. 🙂


    • It makes a lot of difference really when one has a regular job. We have to try harder, have to squeeze in writing. You’re right, it’s a problem of not having enough time 🙂

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