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The best time to write is when you don’t know what to write. Those moments are golden opportunities, full of possibilities because ideas could just come from nowhere.

Beginner’s mind – that state of mind in Zen where one’s mind is free from all fetters – is a jewel in a writer’s world. We call it freewriting – writing with no agenda other than to write down without judgment all the words that flow from within. You keep the pen on paper and write without stopping to think about grammar, syntax or if you are making any sense at all.

On the surface, this kind of writing seems useless. But among other things, you are giving the mind permission to relax and play. It’s like allowing the mind to let go and be. And when the mind is allowed to play, the body relaxes, and for some of us that’s  hard to come by given the many stressors and stresses of modern life.

Try it, – write freely. Give yourself permission to play with words, to let go, to simply enjoy the flow of words. You’ll have fun and you’ll be surprised by the discoveries you’ll make.
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  1. You are write, writing comes out best when we give our mind the freedom and space to play with ideas and words, the way it wants it to be without any boundaries and self imposed restriction.

    Mind has a mind of its own, if we try to control and anchor, it revolts and all the junk comes out…if we keep nurturing and aligning with its mood, it loves to give out newer ideas and beautiful thoughts…there has to be a fertile ground to germinate such brilliant ideas and ideation is backbone of good writing…

    The ability of mind to produce and process newer ideas dependents on the freedom given to the mind for self-discovery…

    Let the idea and the word rule the mind…we shouldn’t mind…


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