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“About” Page Update

A few blog posts ago, I wrote how, after reading a most eloquent “About” page written by Barbara Mahany, I was prompted to ask myself why I blog. The Kitchen Table is Mahany’s “About” page and reading that made me realize two things: 1) The title “About” is so banal; 2) My existing “About” page was so uncreative, and did not fully express the reasons why I decided to blog. In that previous blog post, I said it was time to rethink the purpose of this blog and write a better “About” page.

So, here it is – not nearly as poetic as Mahany’s, but it says much about how this blog has grown and how it has made a difference in my life. Needless to say, a blog is only a bunch of words without its readers, so this too, is a note of thanks to those who follow this blog.

This blog began as a journey. When I set up this blog, I didn’t really know what to expect. I created this blog on impulse, and to silence the nagging voice from within that would not let up.

After giving up a burgeoning career as a feature writer years and years ago to hearken to the call to heal, there stirred in my heart the desire to do public writing again and this time, to write from the heart. But I didn’t know how. You see, although I had worked for a couple of years as a feature writer, I studied Political Science in college. I had never studied writing, nor did I have any writing experience. The only writing I did was confined to the pages of my journal.

I became a feature writer by chance, and I wrote about people, places and events. In the absence of academic learning, I honed my writing skills by reading books and reading the work of other feature writers. They were great mentors and I was a very eager student.

It is never easy to disregard a call or knock that comes from the center of one’s being. Although I was comfortably ensconced in my therapy work many years later, I could not turn a deaf ear to the pleadings of a small voice that resided within. The pleadings of this inner voice provided the energy for the creation of this blog.

Through the days and months I’ve tried to write on the pages of this blog from the heart. It was a struggle at first to write from my perspective and not someone else’s; to expose and explore my own struggles and misgivings instead of focusing on the hardships endured by another; and to write about my own tribulations and celebrations instead of what goes on out there in the world.

It was a surprise that people followed and read my blog and seeing the number of followers grow gave me – and continues to give me – another reason to blog.

During the first year, there were times when I didn’t post anything for days and several weeks, but  that same inner voice  always propped me up and lead me right back to the keyboard.

Now the journey is beginning to turn into a celebration. As I learn more about the craft of writing and as I allow what lies within to come to the fore, I begin to see what a blessing this craft is to me – and to everyone who engages in it.

I hope that you will join me in exploring and celebrating the writing life!




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