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Why Taglines are Important

After updating my “About” page, the old tagline didn’t seem to fit in anymore. I changed it (again) so that it would be in tandem with the updated “About” page.

My previous tagline was:

Exploring creative non-fiction and the writing life

The new tagline is:

 Exploring, creating and celebrating the writing life

What are taglines and why are they important? A tagline is a short description of your blog.

Blogging guru Darren Rowse explains: “Firstly it can convey a strong message to your reader about the content that they’ll find if they decide to explore your blog. We know that readers make very quick decisions about whether they will stay or leave a page and so any way that you can quickly communicate them the benefits of your blog is important to put some thought into.”

Taglines are important because it is often one of the first things that is picked up by the search engine spiders, primarily because it is on the top portion of a blog. “We know that words at the top of a site have more weight than words at the bottom in terms of search engine optimization – so if you have a text tagline it might be worth including some keywords in it,” says Rowse.



photo credit: project glockenspiel via photopin cc

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