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Why Keep a Notebook?


Why should you keep a notebook and carry it with you?

  •  A notebook reminds you that you’re a writer
  • Carrying a notebook teaches you to pay attention
  • A notebook gives you the chance to write even if the only time you have is just a few minutes.
  • Taking notes is also a creative act
  • Carrying a notebook encourages you to be creative

“The constant use of the notebook keeps you working and writing and provides a mine of material to be used down the road. Keep anything pertinent to your development as a writer:character sketches, found poems, observations, all of the preliminary stuff for the first stages of the writing process. What you write down now goes toward all the writing you will ever do.”  — John DuFresne


photo credit: VeRoNiK@ GR via photopin cc


  1. Sorting my notebooks from over the years is one of my New Year’s goals. I’d feel very vulnerable without one! Another great post–I love the point about paying attention…


  2. I try to always have a notebook or at least a piece of paper with me so I can write if I have a spare moment. Usually the times I don’t have paper on me is when I’m at work, at a dollar store, so paper isn’t very far anyways.
    It’s like having a little piece of freedom in your pocket, saved for a moment when you can breath.


  3. I like what you said about having a little piece of freedom in your pocket…that’s a great quote! Seems like you do a lot of writing even when you’re on the go…!


  4. greenlakeblue says

    I love stationery in general, but in particular notebooks. I have loads of them, some still waiting to be used. I can’t go out without even a little one in my bag… just in case I want to write something 🙂


    • I share your love for notebooks and have a few waiting to be used…looks like you love them a whole lot more! Yes, it’s nice to carry one of those small ones… we never know when inspiration will strike…

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