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Finding My Own Rhythm

I work on weekends and today was my day off! I spent much time pondering upon yesterday’s post on early morning writing, and my failed attempts at it. I opened up to a dialogue and it helped a lot – it always helps to clarify persistent issues. From the dialogue with the Self, I realized that I was being too “left brained” about the whole issue.

This much I would say, though. All those times that I was consistently doing early morning writing, I tell you, the writing ideas literally flowed...sometimes it was a deluge. Looking back now, that’s one of the reasons why I kept at it and tried to get back to it after backsliding.

But it’s time to get real. Five days a week I come home late – sometimes after 9 p.m. from my therapy sessions. I usually start sessions at noon and some days I begin at 3 p.m. I have to meet my clients halfway – many of them work too, so my work schedule is far from regular. Aside from work, I also care for 21 rescues ( a dear cat named Rina died a few days ago). So I am far, far from being able to sit down regularly every morning and write. Maybe when I can afford not to work, I will have the luxury of writing regularly every morning. But for now, this is my reality.

I need to find my own rhythm. One that will allow me to write and still get enough rest and sleep. Last Sunday, coming home from church, we saw these outside our neighbor’s house…

let it go

…and I saw them again this afternoon when I went out. As I passed by the three figures, of course, Elsa’s song reverberated in my mind…”Let it go, let it go…” Yes indeed, for now I let it go.

And these kept me thinking as well…comments from:

Susanne: I understand your dilemma, Rosanna. I too have no specific time but that’s a matter of having a full-time job and three kids. I fit it in when I can and it sounds like you do, too. Maybe we’re breaking the mold? Maybe we’re just amazingly adaptable and can turn on the creativity as needed? I actually think that should be do-able, especially if writing is a matter of practice. If all we need to do is practice why does it matter what time we do it?

Natalia: This is very interesting Rosanna. I think of myself as someone with a creative personality, yet I do like some routine BUT… I don’t like rules or timetables or strict timings. I think I could never commit myself to say writing at 6am every day. There is simply no way I could do that, even if I want it. It implies an obligation, and that’s something which doesn’t match with creativity (in my opinion). On the other hand, we can discuss the merits of self-discipline as opposed to obligation. Now… I like the idea of self-discipline, however, being a true Aquarian it wont last long!



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