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The Need for Study

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When we go on a journey or an exploration, it is always best to seek the advice of those who have gone ahead of us. The same is true with writing.

I wish I had the time to join an online writing course, but my workload is heavy now, so I have to settle for books to guide me along the way. I have settled down with two books on writing:  The Writer’s Portable Mentor, A guide to Art, Craft, and the Writing Life by Patricia Long; and One Year to a Writing Life, Twelve Lessons to Deepen Every Writer’s Art by Susan M. Tiberghien.

Long’s book reads like a complete writing course – very thorough and takes you slowly towards the direction of creating a writing life. Tiberghien’s book on the other hand is more meditative, reflective and slower paced – one lesson for one whole month. I feel that I’ve found my writing mentors and have settled down to serious study.

Blogging daily has made me realize that I can use this blog as a sort of notebook, and I’ve been doing that on and off. What I write here are thoughts, concepts, quotations that I would write in a notebook if I were attending writing class. So as I proceed with my self-styled writing course, I will continue to use this blog as my notebook. In this way I hope to share with you what I learn.


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  1. Shelah says

    I agree! Learning from others and blogging are so helpful to build confidence in our voice!


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