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Notes on Observing



Observing is an activity that allows us to watch and witness what is going on around us – but it can go beyond that.  As we observe, we can touch base with our soul, with what is within.  And it is this that makes the difference in the way we write. Observing is a fine, steady thread that connects the outer world with our inner world.  We watch and observe, and at the same time we feel, and draw from within, insights that help us create a story unto its own, one with the indelible mark of our soul.


  1. Good post – observing is also quite hard to do in this busy world where we are encouraged to live and work at 100 miles per hour. Like you say it’s so important to observe. I don’t observe my environment enough and I think after reading your post I will start to do!


  2. I love this. And I love the thought that we can stand side by side looking at the same thing and share two unique views. And the world gets a little broader…


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