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Musings: On Revising



When I was a feature writer, I heeded the advice of established writers regarding revisions of manuscripts. The common advice was: Revise, revise, revise! The chorus convinced me that revising was indeed important, so every article I wrote was revised, revised, revised – and revised some more.

The advent of blogging and my forays into content writing has tempered my determination to revise to the nth degree, but revisions are still very much a part of my writing life.

I read about an author who writes with a pencil.  As he transfers his work to the computer, he automatically makes revisions. Then he reads his work one last time for a final editing.

I do revisions periodically as I write.  First I read what I had written silently and revise. Then later I go back to it and read it aloud and make more revisions.  There is a definite change in the way the words come together when I read my work aloud – somehow the cadence is more apparent and I can “hear” the way my work sounds.  When I am writing, I know that what I have written is good if I hear the words coming together, in a unique tempo. When this happens,  I know that I have done enough revisions and the work is complete.


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