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On Writing: Quotes from Parker Palmer

“I’ve always been an obsessive writer, and, before age slowed me down, my rush to write sometimes kept me from seeing the beauty around me. Part of me regrets that fact. And yet, back then — focused laser-like on surveying and mapping what’s “in here” to the exclusion of what’s “out there” — I was able to write something that helped a stranger find new life. Looking back, I’m awed by the way embracing everything, from what I got right to what I got wrong, invites the grace of wholeness.”

“For 50 years I’ve been writing almost daily. I’m driven not by expertise but by my own bafflement about many things — some of them “in here” and some of them “out there.” Every time I write, I’m surprised by what I discover about myself and/or the world.

“So I no longer wait until I have a clear idea to start putting words on the page. If I did, I’d never write a word! I simply start writing, trusting that the writing itself will help me dig into my bafflement, uncover what I already know, and point me toward what I need to learn next.”

–Parker Palmer





  1. Oh, Rosanna! Parker Palmer is amazing; thanks for this. I am in a ‘community of practice’ this year at mu college, and Palmer’s The Courage to Teach is our text. It’s truly a great book, and has encourage me to elarn more about him!


    • Yes Pam, he is a very soulful writer. I read his regular column at On Being. His posts are encouraging and enlightening. I linked his name with the site, hope you’ll have time to browse through his posts there. Good luck with your community practice!

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