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Writing and Silence

In a previous post I wrote, “The changing seasons seem to mirror the changes in my writing life. I am neither here nor there.There is a seeming tug of war within. And there is an unpredictability about it that I have not yet begun to understand.”

The tug of war that I wrote about revolved around silence and writing. I was and am hearkening to the call to incorporate more silence into my life and I had no idea how silence would fit into my writing life. It was a conundrum that I faced daily since the beginning of the Lenten season,  a sort of Koan: How do I merge writing and silence?

The answer came to me a few days ago: Write from the silence. It seems simple, but it will take a lifetime to explore this path.

It was a surprise to find several websites that explore writing and silence.

The International Association of Conscious and Writers featured an article on How to Strengthen Your Writing With Silence.

In  Justen Ahren Demystifies his Monastic Approach to Writing, the poet explains what he means by monastic writing: “We are alone when we write. It is a contemplative exercise. I think of writing as a form of prayer, a conversation, a praising. This is one of the prompts I use to keep me writing when I think I have nothing to say.”

Peter Cole on Silence in Writing and Translation explains how the writer, poet and translator uses silence in writing. “For Cole this means approaching both writing, and translation, with silence. Silence becomes the empty canvas on which masterpieces are created.”

The importance of silence in writing: Some advice from writer Sue Goyette ends with a promise to writers: “When you invite silence into your life and into your writing, you’ll be amazed at what happens.”

How to Use the Power of Silence to Boost Your Writing Career gives pointers on how writers can incorporate silence in the various areas of a writing life.


  1. That’s interesting Rosanna. Maybe one day I can do it, but silence in India is a precious commodity that isn’t often there. 🙂 Thanks for the links.


    • Suzanne, it’s surprising to know that silence is a rare commodity in India, considering it is the home of Yoga 🙂 Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to find some time for silence… not only in writing.


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