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Encouraging Words from a Writer: Susan Tiberghien on Writing

“Annie Dillard says that it is “life at its most free.” Julia Cameron says “the writing life is a simple life.” For Stephen King, it’s “a brighter, more pleasant place.” From William Strunk, Jr. to Brenda Ueland to John Gardner, writers have been offering counsel to encourage people to write. And all the words come back to one fundamental truth: a writing life is a creative life.”

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“For me it has become a life that awakens to birdsong in early morning, that lingers with sunlight in late afternoon. For me it is a life that slows down to touch each moment, a life that deepens from an inner source.”

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“Once I acknowledged that I wanted to be a writer, the well within me filled with fresh creativity.”

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“The first component, inspiration, comes from my trust in writing as a way of life: a trust nourished by practice. It is a habit. A person who writes has the habit of writing. The word habit refers to a routine, but also to a stole, to a costume befitting a calling. In the same way that a monk puts on a traditional habit, so the writer puts on a traditional habit. As writers we find where we are comfortable and with a stole over our shoulders, we write.”

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“A writing life springs from the one creative source that is within each of us. It is the same source in all spiritual traditions. For me, the source is God. For others it is Allah, the Tao, the Spirit. When we tap into this source, we become co-creators with our Creator. If the well is blocked, the water does not rise. But if we clear away the clutter, our creativity overflows and touches those around us.”


— Susan M. Tiberghien in  One Year to a Writing Life: Twelve Lessons to Deepen Every Writer’s Art and Craft .




  1. Windy Mama says

    This I think is true: “Once I acknowledged that I wanted to be a writer, the well within me filled with fresh creativity.” The challenge is to use the creativity that wells up.


    • And I am so happy for you Susanne, that the well of fresh creativity wells up within you… a bit envious 🙂 but really wishing you all the best.


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