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World without Writers & Living without Writing

Makeup & Breakup

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Can I imagine?

I had to pause. I started pondering.

The question…how this world would look like without writers and how would living be without writing.

It appeared bizarre. It sounded hypothetical.

I thought let me assume it as a hypothesis. Having an affiliation for science. I thought why not do an experimentation to discovery some empirical data to validate the unimaginable hypothesis. All proposition needs assumptions. Assumptions are anyway loaded with certain uncertain conditions. It is factorial of many factors…in fact it is wheels with wheels.

Albeit, this very thought borders in the realm of crazy imagination, very few try to conceive this kind of thoughts. A thought of heighten imagination.

Why waste energy and time on something which has zero Return on Investment (ROI). Being an entrepreneur, I knew, it is definitely a very risky proposition to venture with zero ROI.

Anyway, I am inherently…

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