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Friday Web Finds: Writing as a Form of Prayer

Since the beginning of the Lenten season, I had been looking for ways on how I could commemorate it differently. My search has led me to some websites that discuss writing as a form of prayer.

In an interview published by the Wall Street Journal, novelist Ruth Ozeki said that Writing Is ‘a Form of Prayer.  In Writing as a Form of Prayer  novelist Gail Goodwin wrote,  “When you write as much as I do, and when you have been “undertaking God” for as long as I have, there is no way that writing can escape becoming a form of prayer.”

In Writing as Prayer,  Laura Boggess says, “Writing is a candle for me—a reminder of the sacred in the mundane.”

In a guest post, Author Ed Cyzewski wrote, “While my prayer and writing stand apart as distinct practices, they blend together and support each other. There is no sacred and secular. There’s just life, and both practices work together.”

If you are looking for prayers for writers, you’ll find a couple of prayers in this blog.






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