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A Listening Walk



This morning I took a Listening Walk. I love to take walks but this is the first time I paid attention to the sounds as I walked. I had always been a “visual” walker, and it was such a different experience to be an “auditory” walker. This Holy Week, I promised myself I would take a Listening Walk everyday until Easter.

The idea for the Listening Walk came from a children’s book, The Listening Walk  by Paul Showers.

 I Like to take walks,
I take walks with my father and our dog.
Our dog is called Major.
He is an old dog and he does not walk very fast.
We go down the street and we do not talk.
My father puts his hands in his pockets and thinks.
Major walks ahead and sniffs.
I keep still and listen.
I call this a Listening Walk.
On a Listening Walk I do not talk.
I listen to all the different sounds. 
I hear many different sounds when I do not talk.



You can listen to a delightful reading of the entire book here. 


  1. This is something I have an obsession for…walking, listening, thinking, observing and connecting to nature and nurturing your soul. It activates our body and energizes our mind, and once you do it regularly the connection and the engagement with self is different. Yes, with the pet dog it adds that special bondage, they talk in a language that you start understanding better than others can do, you realize how the words are not required to communicate with our dogs…the sound and the gesture makes you understand them. Whatever we speak, they express their confidence and truly they understand our language, though they cannot speak it.
    Lovely thoughts…

    Walking and Wondering…
    Happy Walking and Happy Writing!!!
    Hope you had great weekend.


    • Thanks for sharing your deep insights, Nihar. True, all you said about walking is all that…and perhaps more. Listening adds another venue for soul nurturance through walking…

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      • Walking is self discovery and walking takes writing a step ahead, we think better and get our creative thought flowing…
        Happy Walking!!!


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