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Of Anniveraries, Super Typhoons and blogging

April Fool’s day is hardly noticed in the Philippines, more so today because many Filipinos are making the annual exodus from the cities, as they head to the provinces, resorts, or other countries. The school year is over and most offices will be closed beginning tomorrow as the third largest Catholic country in the world begins to commemorate the Easter Triduum, or the final three days of Lent before Easter.

Those of us who are staying behind are typhoon watching – it’s the start of the summer season, but typhoon Mysak is headed our way, and the the United States’ Joint Typhoon Warning Center upgraded it to a super typhoon yesterday.

I have written much about the typhoons and super typhoons that have wrecked havoc in our country since I began posting on this blog exactly two years ago. I have also shared lessons I learned about writing, chronicled my attempts at beginning a writing habit, and admitted my failures. As I look back on the past two years, I am amazed at how I have changed as a blogger. It used to be so hard to write about me, my thoughts, and my feelings. When I began blogging on April 1, 2013, I had no idea where the new venture would take me. Two hundred forty three posts later, I know that this blog is helping me become a better writer.

Today also marks the beginning of the fourth month of daily blogging, which I began last January 1. How quickly time flies! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was groping with what to write about day in and day out. I am happy to report that after the second month, a rhythm of sorts began to develop and now I no longer worry – there’s Reblog Monday, Friday Web Finds, Quotes from Writers on Saturdays, Sunday’s Blessings, and the other days I blog about what I am learning.

I missed one day of blogging in March and I told myself that would be the first and last one. But now that a super typhoon is headed towards the main island of Luzon where we live, I am reminded of the six days of power interruption we had when the Metropolitan Manila area was directly hit by a typhoon in July last year. The Philippines experiences an average of 20 typhoons every year during the typhoon season, so I suppose it would be idealistic to think that I wouldn’t miss another day of blogging.

On record, this blog has 2,636 followers, and a total of 18,811 views. I don’t know what to make of these statistics, but I will not deny that seeing them makes me feel more determined to keep on blogging. It is heartening to note that the highest number of viewers (218) and visitors (168) this blog has ever had was on the day I paid tribute to 44 of our best policemen who were massacred by Muslim rebels. That I have this blog to express my feelings and pay tribute to gallant men while I explore the writing life, is truly a blessing.

And now I pay homage to the readers who have taken the time to comment. You have no idea how much your comments mean to me! I do visit back but this year I decided that I will do more than that – on Mondays I feature a post from the blogs of those who comment. .

A big thank you to everyone, and here’s to more fruitful blogging days!

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